The city of Ghent is the perfect starting base for fashion, art and nightlife. Ghent is located a 30-minute drive away from Oostkamp. You can stroll across the famous Korenlei and Graslei. The towers of the Sint-Baaf cathetral, the Belfort and the Sint-Niklaas church raise proudly above the Ghent city center. In the Sint-Baaf cathedral, you can admire the world famous triptych : the Lamb of God (het Lam Gods) of the Flemish primitive Jan van Eyck.

Art enthusiasts can't miss a visit to the S.M.A.K. the museum of contemporary art.

In addition to cultural city, the gastronomics also are a major asset of Ghent . This makes the Patershol with its cozy alleys the perfect culinary center.

During the world famous Ghent Parties (Gentse Fieste) there is a ten-day celebration with drinks and food in a fully decorated city center. Every year, this ten-day event attracts tens of thousands of visitors.